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ResoTher Pharma

Organization Address
Dronninggaards Alle 136
2840 Holte


ResoTher Pharma is a privately held biotech company located in Copenhagen. The company is led by experienced drug developers and serial entrepreneurs with a track record of successful drug development, partnering with large pharma, and providing substantial investor ROI via trade sale or IPO. Our novel technology is a series of patented peptide drugs, relevant in several cardiovascular disorders with high market value.

ResoTher Pharma´s lead drug RTP-026 is an innovative, patent protected therapy that can reduce myocardial injury resulting from heart attack. In animal studies, the drug reduces cardiac injury by 50%. Our goal is to demonstrate that the drug can reduce both cardiac injury and rate of progression to chronic heart failure in patients who have survived a heart attack. This will revolutionize life for heart attack survivors and greatly reduce health care costs.