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Rubik Therapeutics

Solid cancers comprise over 90% of adult, 68% of adolescents and young adult, and 40% of pediatric cancers. Cell therapies–immune cells engineered to target specific tumor antigens, have shown remarkable efficacy in hematological malignancies such as leukemias and lymphomas. However, in solid tumors, cell therapies have had limited activity, and in cases, severe toxicity due to the difficulty in identifying selective tumor antigens, modulating therapeutic responses, and evading the highly immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. Rubik Therapeutics is a cell therapy company that has leveraged its computational multi-omics platform to identify over a dozen unique and highly selective solid-tumor associated antigens and discovered novel signaling nodes to enable tuning and resisting immune suppression. Rubik Therapeutics’ mission is to create safe, curative therapies for solid cancer patients beginning with several indications with high unmet need.