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Specific Biologics

Organization Address
661 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario M5G 0B7, CA


Specific Biologics, a discovery stage company based in JLABS @ Toronto, is developing a platform technology to treat or cure disease through precision gene editing. Our new gene editor Dualase overcomes two problems with current gene editing technologies – random DNA insertions / deletions and low frequency of DNA repair. By cutting DNA differently, Dualase exploits the cell’s naturally occurring repair pathways to create precise length deletions or increase the frequency of repair. These features allow us to target diseases that cannot be targeted with current gene editing technologies.

We have two assets built on the Dualase platform, SBI-001 to repair disease-causing mutations in Cystic Fibrosis and SBI-002 to disrupt an oncogenic mutation in non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC). We have also demonstrated proof-of-concept in other indications and areas, including the generation of engineered cell therapies, and actively seek partners and collaborators to advance new applications of the Dualase platform.