Uber Cool: Science Festival Adds Unique Ride Along

Planning continues for the  the 10-day Bay Area Science Festival scheduled for Oct. 24 to Nov. 2. Here is a peak at some of the opportunities that are going to take place. Please consider participating where appropriate.

  • Open Labs – 10/27 All Day
    Deadline to Register 9/6: http://www.bayareascience.org/open-labs-registration/
    We’re aiming for 20+ tours on Sunday 10/27, with each partner that can contribute a tour (research labs, universities, etc.) hosting at least one. Tours are encouraged to be low cost and intimate, with a scientist or engineer accompanying the group. BASF has staff to help coordinate registration as needed. BASF has partnered with a number of local tour groups to both provide new tours and help promote these to wider audiences.
  • Nerd Nite at Sea II – 10/30 6-10 PM, Alameda
    In 2012, the festival’s fastest event to sellout was Nerd Nite at Sea, a set of talks and hands-on activities aboard a ferry on the Bay. This year, we’re moving to a bigger boat by shifting the event aboard the aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet. This historic ship retrieved the Apollo 11 capsule from the Pacific. NN at Sea II will feature (3) talks, docent led tours with former naval officers, and hands-on activities related to the ship. 1000 people are expected to attend. Interested in hosting an activity aboard the ship? Email Kishore.Hari@ucsf.edu
  • Uber Scientific – 10/24 4-8 PM
    We’ve partnered with Uber, the on-demand ride service, to host a first-of-its-kind science event. Uber users would be able to order a “science car” during the evening on Thursday 10/24, the opening night of the festival. The “science car” comes staffed with a volunteer scientist to answer any questions during their ride. Each participating scientist is expected to participate for approximately 2 hours. We’ll be encouraging everyone to take Uber to the festival kickoff at the Exploratorium, which runs from 6-10 PM. All rides will be restricted to within SF only. Registration: http://www.bayareascience.org/festival/scientist-ride-along/ (password: uber).
  • Creatures of the NightLife – 10/31 6-10 PM, Cal Academy of Sciences
    Embracing the science side of Halloween, this evening event will feature science activities/talks/demonstrations related to a group of “monsters” (Zombies, Vampires, Sea Creatures, Werewolves, and Frankenstein). Examples activities include blood typing with Blood Centers of the Pacific and sheep brain dissections with neuroscientists. Have an activity that fits into any of these areas? Contact Arne Bakker (ah.bakker@berkeley.edu)

With provocative lectures, hands‐on activities, exhibitions, tours of cutting‐edge facilities, guided hikes and thousands of local scientists, engineers & technologists sharing their passion ‐ the Bay Area Science Festival promises something for everyone. Led by the University of California‐San Francisco (UCSF), this ambitious initiative relies on a collaboration of the Bay Area’s leading academic, scientific, corporate and nonprofit institutions with the collective aim of providing accessible science programming to every Bay Area resident. By putting science at everyone’s fingertips, we hope to engage our community in its wonders and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Are you ready to unleash the inner scientist in our community?

If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact Travis Blaschek-Miller at travis@baybio.org or 650-871-3260.