FAST International Company

Vesalius Cardiovascular

Organization Address
2525 Willow Street, 506,
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5Z 3N8, Canada


Vesalius Cardiovascular is a Canadian medical device company in the structural heart space. We are developing an implant able to repair a major and very common heart valve disease called Degenerative Mitral Regurgitation, without surgery. We are currently at preclinical stage.

Delivered to the heart with a catheter through the femoral vein, our implant reproduces the surgical effects without the need for a surgery. By transforming an open-heart surgery into a simple cath. lab. procedure, our solution is filling the unmet need (more than 57% of patients suffering from this disease are refused surgery, i.e. cannot be treated today) and eliminating the burden associated with current gold standard treatment (long patient recovery, very high cost, long hospitalization, etc.).